Dear Jets: Don’t Get Back Together With Your Rex

The New York Jets’ relationship with Rex Ryan had its ups and downs to say the very least. There were plenty of laughs, tears, angry tirades, and even a regrettable tattoo.


The relationship started off like any other relationship, filled with smiles and laughs, with the occasional thought of, “could this actually be the one” crossing your mind. Rex Ryan inherited a strong New York defense and he brought over top caliber players of his own from the Baltimore Ravens in LB Bart “CAN’T WAIT” Scott and S Jim Leonard. Scott and Leonard joined a staunch Jets D that included David Harris, Darrelle Revis, Calvin Pace, and Shaun Ellis. Rex was hired as the Jets head coach before the 2009 NFL season after 21 seasons of being a defensive coach dating back to Eastern Kentucky in 1987. He had the intangibles and the track record to fit the bill for creating one of the best defensive teams in recent memory. However, he had one slight obstacle in his way; rookie QB Mark Sanchez.

Having only been a defensive coach his entire life, Rex didn’t have a whole lot of experience when it came to running an offense. He essentially handed the keys to Offensive Coordinator Brian Shottenheimer and told him to make Sanchez not suck (yeah right). So, right off the bat, Rex Ryan was making head coach money while only doing defensive coordinator work. That 2009 New York Jet defense was something else, though. They only allowed 8 passing touchdowns the entire season and allowed less than 100 yards on the ground per game. Darrelle Revis intercepted 6 passes and defended another 31, Calvin Pace and Shaun Ellis combined for 14.5 sacks, while the LB duo of David Harris and Bart Scott racked up 219 tackles together. They were able to carry Mark Sanchez (2,444 yards, 12 TDs, 20 INTs) to a 9-7 record and a birth in the AFC Championship Game. The relationship with Rex was flourishing, and New York was buzzing again about sexy Rexy and the future.

In 2010, the NFL and HBO pegged the New York Jets to be front and center on the show ‘Hard Knocks,’ and we all fell in love with Rex Ryan a little bit more. He has an electric personality and he absolutely ate up the spotlight after a fantastic first year in New York. Some of the speeches he gave were motivating me to run through a brick wall at my house.

Other highlights included Rex going on paragraph-long tangents that had to be censored from start to finish, Darrelle Revis holding out and eventually re-signing with the team, John Conner kicking ass and taking names, and Antonio Cromartie trying to remember the names of all of his kids.


The Jets record improved to 11-5 in 2010, and they made their 2nd consecutive AFC Championship game. They had incredible depth on defense, amassing 40 totals sacks despite having no player tally up more than 6 individually. Mark Sanchez improved slightly (3,291 yards, 17 TDs, 13 INTs), but that can be accredited to these two guys being on top of their game:


However, times were a-changin’. The honeymoon stage of the Rex Ryan era had ended and 2011 came rolling along. The Jets were unable to keep the big names on their roster and lost Pro Bowl G Alan Faneca, 1,000-yard rusher Thomas Jones, Shaun Ellis and Braylon Edwards over the course of one calendar year. Rex’s draft picks were also looking like duds across the board. Kyle Wilson was an atrocity at corner, Joe McKnight (RIP) never panned out to be an NFL caliber RB, and Vladimir Ducasse may have never played a meaningful snap in his career. The wheels wings were starting to fall off the bus jets piece by piece, and the New York Jets finished the season at a disappointing 8-8.

You know when a relationship is starting to fall apart so the couple does something to ‘spice it up?’ Well, Rex did that tenfold. But, instead of adopting a dog, Rex adopted Timothy Richard Tebow for the 2012 season. This about summarizes how that experiment went:


Not good enough? What about this experiment from the 2013 NFL Draft:


Still not enough? What about bringing this guy in one year after declaring Geno the franchise guy?


Normally, bringing in a 34 year old dual threat QB to help teach a 24 year old (somewhat) dual threat QB would be a great move worth applauding. However, Mike Vick was brought in to replace Geno Smith in a meaningless game towards the end of the season. His mismanagement of the game was front and center and it was clear that Rex Ryan’s coaching capabilities are only on one side of the ball.

Do I think that Rex Ryan could lead a team to another AFC Championship Game or even a Super Bowl? Yes. The Denver Broncos made it evident last year that a team can have a bag of bones at QB and still win a Super Bowl riding the defense and run game. Rex Ryan had Thomas Jones, Shonn Greene, and Danny Woodhead on his 2009 Jets team and replaced Jones with future Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson at RB the next season. He had so much talent on those two rosters that he apparently didn’t know what to do with it.

Not only did Rex Ryan not use his phenomenal offense line and running backs to their full potential, he did a horrendous job in developing the two QBs he drafted during his tenure in Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. Now there obviously are busts in every draft class, but hell, even Trent Dilfer won a  Super Bowl. Both Sanchez and Smith’s numbers have regressed since they have entered the league, and they are both out of a starting job for the foreseeable future.

Have you ever been in a relationship with somebody who has a family member that seems to always be around? Rex does:


I think that Rob Ryan holds the records for most times being fired as a defensive coordinator in the NFL. Even worse, he has basically become a package deal with his brother Rex.


Now, I don’t think that the New York Jets will inquire about Rex Ryan that much, if at all. They never cease to amaze me though (see Favre, Brett). I think that Todd Bowles has at least another half season in him, as there are a lot of questions about that team that Bowles may potentially have the answers to. Also, only having two years to turn around a franchise is an incredibly short amount of time for both Todd Bowles and Rex Ryan. I don’t believe that Rex’s performance in Buffalo warranted an early ‘Rex-it.’ Rex went 46-50 in 6 years with the Jets and 15-16 in 2 years with the Bills. The Bills were in the playoff hunt until just this past week. They’ve got young studs across the board but have been unlucky with injuries during Rex’s tenure. I think that they’re just adamant about making Anthony Lynn their head coach and couldn’t get the Ryans out the door fast enough.

There will be rumors that Rex will come back to the Jets as a defensive coordinator. I honestly could see it happen, but I’m begging and pleading that it doesn’t. How often does somebody get back together with an ex and it all turns out great in the end? Rarely. It usually leads to more anger and sadness at the end, which is the last thing this New York Jet fan base needs.

Rex Ryan has a strong personality that the New York media ate up, but in reality, he inherited a strong defense upon arrival and parlayed a playoff victory against the New England Patriots into 3 more years in a position that he did not deserve. Once you look past the jokes, impersonations, and headlines, you will finally see a man that has proven himself unworthy of a head coaching position and instead belongs in a commentator’s booth.

So please, New York Jets, don’t get back together with your Rex. As longtime reader Albert Einstein once said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” You’re not crazy, Jets, are you? Are you….


NFL Week 16 Picks

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is giving gambling picks for y’all to adhere. Week 15 hurt my psyche and my bankroll, but we’re onto Week 16. 26-18-3 on the year.

To recap:

Philadelphia Eagles @ Baltimore Ravens (-5.5) LOSS

Green Bay Packers (-5.5) @ Chicago Bears LOSS

Indianapolis Colts @ Minnesota Vikings (-4.5) LOSS

Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) LOSS

Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills (-10) WIN !!!!!!


I can always rely on the Cleveland Browns to pick me up when I’m down. Here’s what I learned last week:

  1. I got way too excited about Adrian Peterson’s return. His fumbled on his only carry that went over 5 yards.
  2. The Tennessee Titans are sneaky one of the most dangerous teams in the AFC. They can score so fast they’ll make your head spin.
  3. Joe Flaccometer update:cw84nenveaasgy5
  4. I think that the Green Bay Packers finally figured it out. It was a matter of time before they found their run game, and Ty Montgomery finally exploded. He also has one of my personal favorites in Christine Michael as his very capable backup.
  5. Cleveland Browns……good job, good effort.


Now onto this week’s picks:

New York Jets (+17) @ New England Patriots

I can’t not take this pick. If the Jets lose by more than 17 I may retire as a fan forever. All signs point towards the Patriots winning in a landslide, but I have some hope. There is no fire in the rivalry this year, so I have a feeling that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will ease up on the gas in this game. The Patriots have more important things to worry about than embarrassing the New York Jets on Christmas Eve. They’ve been battling injuries all year and have essentially locked up home field advantage in the playoffs. I think that Brady abuses Darrelle Revis early, as he did in their last matchup, but then the Patriots Blount ride to victory for the rest of the game. Then, if Bryce Petty connects with Robby Anderson and Quincy Enunwa a couple of times, I can see a nice backdoor cover from gang green.

Tennessee Titans (-3.5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Look spirited, play spirited.

The Tennessee Titans are riding high after their last second victory in Kansas City last week, and their destiny is in their own hands. The Jacksonville Jaguars just fired Gus Bradley after their loss to Houston last week and there are rumors that QB Blake Bortles is headed out the door as well. He has made little to no progress over his career in northern Florida, and Jaguar fans are clamoring for the team to draft someone early in this year’s draft. The Jaguars are a completely one dimensional team, and Blake Bortles has been so terrible that he’s making jokes about his performance:

The Titans are a liability in the secondary, but so is Blake Bortles at Quarterback. Tennessee was able to keep Alex Smith and company in check on the road, and now face a 2-12 Jacksonville team that is falling apart at the hinges. I think Tennessee gets an early lead and then unleashes DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry to coast to an easy W.

San Diego Chargers @ Cleveland Browns (+4)


This is the week. The Cleveland Browns are about to win. The San Diego Chargers are trash without Melvin Gordon, and Kenneth Farrow is nowhere close to a capable backup. I think the California kids from San Diego come into the frozen tundra of Cleveland and lay an egg. Phillip Rivers is the west coast version of Eli Manning, which means that he’ll either throw 3 TDs or 3 INTs. I’ve got money on 3 INTs this week. Corey Coleman and Terrelle Pryor are great WRs, regardless of who is throwing them the ball. Whichever wideout isn’t covered by Casey Hayward may have a huge game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints OVER 51.5

Drew Brees and Brandin Cooks went off last week on the road vs. Arizona. Now, they take on Tampa Bay at home, playing the role of spoiler. The Saints explode at home, and their lack of a competent defense usually creates shootouts in the Superdome. The Saints will also be without Safety Kenny Vaccaro, which creates mismatches for the Buccaneers all over the field. Mike Evans may finally reemerge with a huge game, and TE Cameron Brate has become an integral part of this Tampa Bay offense. Both men can go up and get a ball even when double teamed, much to Jameis Winston’s pleasure. The Saints have a multitude of weapons in Brandin Cooks, Michael Thomas, Willie Snead, and Mark Ingram. There always seems to be one person open no matter what coverage the defense throws at the Saints. Both of these teams can put up 35 points in one half of football, so this game could get out of control quickly.



There you have it. Call me Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer because I’m leading the squad to victory and we’re gonna jingle all the way.



P.S. Speaking of Rudolph…

I Don’t Hate Grayson Allen

Grayson Allen is villain college basketball deserves, but not the villain college basketball needs right now. He’s the perfect embodiment of what college basketball fans love to hate. He’s the latest and greatest dominant white basketball player for Duke University that hits deep threes, dunks in people’s faces, and shamelessly trips anybody that gets in his way. He has a high motor and wears his emotions on his sleeves, which easily makes him new public enemy #1.

Christian Laettner. JJ Redick. Steve Wojchiechowski. Kyle Singler. The next Plumlee brother. Grayson Allen.


Duke always has and always will have that one player that pisses everybody off with their hustle plays, mechanics, and punchable faces. But Grayson Allen is in a league of his own. He plays basketball with a prison yard ‘call your own foul’ mentality that would make Wesley Snipes proud.

Grayson Allen became a household name in the Final Four of the 2015 NCAA Tournament. I  still remember exactly where I was when he followed up his own miss with a ferocious dunk. I Google’d him faster than you can say, “Laettner” and suddenly, I had a new favorite college basketball player. This is where the legend began:

After breaking out in the NCAA Tournament, Grayson came out of the gates hot in the 2015-2016 season. He finished with 21.6 PPG, a 7:4 turnover ratio, and a 3-point percentage of 41.7% as a sophomore. However, February of 2016 brought out the dark side of Grayson.

There is no doubt in my mind that those trips were on purpose, and his attempts to conceal his intentions rival Jameis Winston for worst cover-up of all time:

That all being said, I LOVE Grayson Allen’s tripping antics. And quite frankly, you’re tripping if you don’t. The game of basketball, and sports in general, need new villains. Kobe Bryant is gone, Alex Rodriguez is gone, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mike Vick, all gone. Ron Artest has a new name and hasn’t punched a fan in over a decade. Professional sports need new bad guys, and Grayson Allen is leading the charge. His most recent episode on Wednesday night was his best to date:


Even Draymond Green said that that was super blatant.

However, the discussion about this specific incident is about Allen’s antics on the bench afterwards.

That’s a strong reaction after a pretty blatant trip in the first half of an out of conference basketball game in December. BUT, it’s electric. I need more animosity. I need tears. I need anger. I need blood. Grayson Allen is an absolute madman and he has come at the perfect time.

I want my players to be crazy, I want them to teeter on the edge of sanity when they’re playing their respective sport. That’s why I love DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins put on a clinic of his own on Wednesday night:

Some of the most electric, fascinating, and skilled NBA players have been head cases. On any given night, a 76er fan had no idea if Allen Iverson would even show up to the game. Rasheed Wallace would yell obscenities on the court and threaten referees in the parking lot after games. Gilbert Arenas kept four guns in his locker and even pulled one on a teammate. Ron Artest throws hands and elbows at anybody that crosses his path. Hell, Dennis Rodman had a new hair color every game and now is buddy buddy with Kim Jong-un.


Now, Grayson Allen’s antics are nowhere near what the aforementioned NBA stars managed to do in their careers. Grayson tweets Biblical verses more than anything else, and has had no off the court issues in his Duke career. He’s a hard worker that has elevated his game every year to new heights. I think that his on the court antics rival those of J.R. Smith, who essentially is harmless but had a stint of untying the shoes of his opponents at the free throw line. His skill set rivals that of J.R., as well. People forget that J.R. was a high-flying dunker in his day that could also catch fire from behind the arc. I get scolded when I compare Grayson Allen to Ray Allen, so I’ll keep it at J.R. Smith for now.

But for real, Grayson can ball.


As for his suspension.

After being caught three times in 10 months tripping another player, Coach K had to do something. I’m pretty sure that “an indefinite amount of time” means until conference play begins. However, Grayson Allen is a 21-year old college student that has never gotten into any off court trouble. With some of the heinous acts college athletes are committing across the country (see Joe Mixon, see University of Minnesota’s football team), this should be a non-story. But, Duke always needs a villain, so people are eating this up. It’s fun having a bad boy back in sports, and I think that Grayson Allen will be around for a long time.

Let the kid play, Coach K. I don’t hate Grayson Allen.

Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey are Doing the Right Thing

As most of you have probably heard by now, two of college football’s stars have decided to forego their respective bowl games to prepare for the 2017 NFL Draft.

This is an unprecedented move, and people have been bashing them all day:

First of all, Donovan McNabb, your two DUIs in a 13-month span sets a bad example for the kids. Hop off your high horse. Ezekiel Elliott, you left Ohio State after your JUNIOR year, so you wouldn’t actually “do anything to play one more time with your brothers in that scarlet and gray.” Finally, ‘anonymous assistant GM,’ you and I both know that you will do anything to have one of those two men slip into your lap on draft night.

Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey are Heisman-caliber athletes who also play one of the most physically demanding positions in all of sports. Both young men are projected to be first round selections in the 2017 NFL Draft, which means that their future earnings heavily outweigh what they make as a college athlete ($0.00). 2016 1st rounder pick Ezekiel Elliott signed a 4 year, $24,956,341 contract, to put it into perspective. Leonard Fournette has been nicked up over the past 2 years, and is currently nursing an ankle injury. Last time I checked, even prospective NFL running backs are only given one pair of ankles in their lifespan. With a $25 million payday in the near future, it makes absolutely no sense for Fournette to risk further injury in the Citrus Bowl. On the other hand, Christian McCaffrey has been relatively healthy throughout his entire college career. His decision to skip the Sun Bowl was definitely more surprising than Fournette’s, but the risk does not outweigh the reward. Just look at former Notre Dame LB Jaylon Smith.


Jaylon Smith was a projected Top-5 pick in the draft and was expected to make at least $23.5 million. He went on to play in the Fiesta Bowl and suffered a gruesome knee injury that required him to get carted off the field. He ended up being selected 34th in the draft, signing for a guaranteed $4.5 million instead. The long term financial impact of his injury is still to be discovered, as Smith is actively rehabbing and training to play for the Dallas Cowboys. He did have a $5 million insurance plan on his health, but if he is unable to play football again, he will have lost over $14 million in potential earnings in the NFL. ESPN’s Danny Kanell thinks that Jaylon Smith’s insurance claim is NOT a good example of why players should skip irrelevant bowl games:

Once the numbers are crunched, it’s absurd to look at the Jaylon Smith incident and think that it’s an unwise decision to learn from his experience. Smith may only receive $900,000 in claims if he ends up being a decent NFL player. He was awarded $700,000 for slipping out of the 1st round of the NFL Draft, and an additional $200,000 for the 2 spots in the 2nd round that he fell to. If Smith plays up to 4 games, and then realizes that he cannot play football, then he can collect more money from his claim. Now, a $4.5 million salary with an additional million in insurance is no chump change. You and I could live comfortably for the rest of our lives with that money. But when you look at the numbers and realize that potentially tens of millions of dollars were taken away from Jaylon Smith, how can you blame Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey for sitting out their meaningless bowl games? (Note: Fournette does have two separate $10 million insurance policies on him.)

I cannot emphasize the word meaningless enough when describing these bowl games. They’re not skipping the College Football Playoff, or the Rose Bowl, they’re missing the Citrus Bowl and the Sun Bowl. Besides the playoffs and a handful of the ‘historic’ bowls, college football bowl games are nothing but last-ditch money grabs for teams to halfheartedly take on a team they likely wouldn’t face anywhere else. Half of these games are in exotic locations and have a few thousand fans that just happened to be in the neighborhood in attendance. Christian McCaffrey and the Stanford Cardinal are slated to play unranked North Carolina in Texas. Leonard Fournette and the LSU Tigers are slated to play Heisman winner Lamar Jackson and the Louisville Cardinals in Orlando, Florida. That should actually be an entertaining game, but once again, it is merely an exhibition game that gives the winning team a trophy to collect dust in the AD’s office.

These two young men are beginning a trend that we will see for many years to come. It will be interesting to see how the NCAA handles this impendent crisis. This could potentially be a breakthrough in the ongoing argument regarding compensating college athletes. But that argument is for another day. I commend Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey for their smart business decisions, and their teammates do as well.


Teammates expressed support for the decision.

“We hate to see him have to sit out for this last bowl game, but it’s the best decision for him personally,” said fullback J.D. Moore. “I wouldn’t want anyone to go out and play if they weren’t 100 percent.”

Senior Tre’Davious White, who chose forego the draft to return for his senior season last year, understands why Fournette is handling his own path differently.

“His decision is way tougher than mine,” White said. “Not playing in the bowl game, I know that hurts him. He wanted to contribute to this win that we’re going to get. It’s an unfortunate thing. But I support him in every way.”

As for their impact on the NFL, both Fournette and McCaffrey are projected first rounders and should be utilized immediately and often. Leonard Fournette is top-10 caliber, and is drawing attention from the New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, and the New Orleans Saints. He obviously would be a star for a bunch of other teams, but there’s no way he slips past those three teams. McCaffrey, on the other hand, is projected to be a mid-to-late first rounder, and his all around skills would make him an immediate fit for the Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, and the Denver Broncos. Whoever drafts these two men will have a smart, healthy, and reliable RB for years to come.

NFL Week 15 Picks

As Lil Wayne eloquently said back in 2008, “I ain’t kinda hot, I’m sauna. I sweat money and the bank is my shower.” I’ve gone 4-2 in consecutive weeks to bring my season total to 25-14-3. It still isn’t too late to hop on the gravy train.


To review my Week 14 picks:

Washington Redskins (-2) @ Philadelphia Eagles WIN

Minnesota Vikings (-3) @ Jacksonville Jaguars WIN

Cincinnati Bengals (-5.5) @ Cleveland Browns WIN

Denver Broncos (+1.5) @ Tennessee Titans LOSS

Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers (+3) WIN

Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) @ New York Giants LOSS

Here’s what I learned last week:

  1. Again, you live by the Eli, you die by the Eli. Also, I’m not NFL coach but to beat the Giants I think that all you have to do is eliminate the Odell Beckham Jr slant route. Play an inside position on him and make Eli dump it down the sidelines instead of giving him the easy completion across the middle.
  2. Either the Denver Broncos are sneaky bad, or the Tennessee Titans are sneaky good. Take that as you will.
  3. If there’s some sort of storm in the forecast and it shares a name with a starting quarterback, you bet the rent on that guy’s team.
  4. DeSean Jackson will score a long touchdown and walk into the end zone backwards in every single game he plays against the Philadelphia Eagles for the rest of his career.


Now onto this week’s picks.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Baltimore Ravens (-5.5)

After last week’s loss to the New England Patriots:


After this week’s game vs the Philadelphia Eagles:


The Ravens lost a tough one in New England last Monday night, and are now on the outside looking in on the playoff hunt. They are only one game behind the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC North race, and they square off in Week 16 on Christmas Day. This is a must win for the Ravens, and I think Joe Flacco breaks the Flaccometer by throwing for 4 TDs. The Ravens have found a stud in rookie RB Kenneth Dixon, and his versatility was brought to light in last week’s primetime game. Steve Smith Sr is healthy, Mike Wallace is bound to burn some poor Philly CB, and Dennis Pitta is always a threat to go off with his pal Joe.

The Eagles lost a big one at home last week to the Washington Redskins and are virtually out of playoff contention. WR Jordan Matthews returned from his injury, but it is too little, too late for an Eagles team that has massive voids all over the field. They will also be without RBs Darren Sproles and Wendell Smallwood, leaving injury prone Ryan Mathews as their lone threat at RB. The Eagles secondary has been a liability all year, and I think that Joe Flacco picks them apart through the air.

Green Pay Packers (-5.5) @ Chicago Bears

Green Bay is going to be packin’ heat this Sunday in Chicago. The high is supposed to be ZERO degrees Fahrenheit. Green Bay has been on a roll during their three game winning streak, winning by 14, 8, and 28 against good teams in the Eagles, Texans, and Seahawks. While the weather may take a toll on the pace of pay and the amount of points (hint: take the under around 40ish), I think that the Packers will keep up their streak on the backs of Ty Montgomery, Jordy Nelson, and Davante Adams. I also don’t think that the cold will be too much of a factor, given the Packers’ breakthrough tent technology they’ve brought onto the sidelines:


In Chicago Bears news, WR Alshon Jeffery is returning from his 4 game suspension but without Jay Cutler throwing the ball to him I donnnnnttttt caaaaaaarrrrreeee. Green Bay’s defense has been getting healthier and better, and I think that they keep an injured Chicago team in check. Packers might win this game 17-7 or some nonsense like that.

Indianapolis Colts @ Minnesota Vikings (-4.5)

Guess who’s back, back again. AP’s back, tell a friend.

I was all over this pick before this news broke. The Vikings had a big bounce back win last week at Jacksonville after consecutive losses by a combined 5 points. The Colts lost a tough game in Houston. Indianapolis will be without WR Donte Moncrief, and his backup, Phillip Dorsett is listed as questionable. This will allow the great Minnesota corners to keep an eye on star WR TY Hilton the entire game and force less talented receivers to beat them. With Adrian Peterson back in the equation, I think that the Colts’ defense has trouble containing him, Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, and Kyle Rudolph all at once.

Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5)

The Tennessee Titans give up a lottttt of yards through the air. Although Chiefs QB Alex Smith doesn’t really air it out deep where Tennessee is most vulnerable, he has some of the most dynamic weapons in the league. TE Travis Kelce and WR Tyreek Hill have been the go to guys for Kansas City this year while Jeremy Maclin has battled through some injuries. Kelce has had 4 straight games of 100+ yards receiving, and Hill is so fast, he makes fast players look….not fast.

*Nailed it*


The Titans are good, but I don’t think that their defense is capable of stopping this Chiefs team. They allow 292 passing yards per game, and Alex Smith doesn’t make a whole lot of mistakes. He has only thrown 5 interceptions this year and is the master of the ‘game manager’ role. With the speedy Tyreek Hill and the brute strength of Travis Kelce, Alex Smith’s short pass game turns into long gains in the blink of an eye.

Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills (-10)

In what should already be a bloodbath, Bills’ Sammy Watkins is now 100% healthy. The Browns have only covered the spread twice this season. The Bills still have an outside chance of making the playoffs, and Rex Ryan is reportedly on the hot seat, so I don’t think they let this game get close. Shady should have himself a day running the ball, and as long as Mike Gillislee doesn’t vulture some goal line touches, he could go for 150+ yards and 2+ TDs.


There it is. Five picks. Five wins. Call me DJ Khaled because you’re about to ride with me through the journey of more success.



Monday Morning Quarterback: It’s the San Francisco Wine Mixer! Powell! Powell!

This game was a loathsome, offensive brute, yet I couldn’t look away. It transcended time and space, and it sickened me. I loved it.

Bryce Petty’s first career road start didn’t begin too well. His first pass attempt was intercepted by 49ers CB Jimmie Ward. It was very Fitzpatrick-esk in that he was staring down intended target Quincy Enunwa from the second he broke the huddle.

The San Francisco 49ers made the Jets pay for their mistake on the very next play; a 7-yard touchdown pass from Colin Kaepernick to RB Carlos Hyde. Hyde had a monster game, amassing 193 rushing yards on top of his TD reception. This was the first game all season that the Jets looked terrible against the run, which is pretty concerning to see against a 1-12 football team.

Petty and the Jets came out flat on their second possession as well, going three-and-out. The Niners rode Carlos Hyde down the field with 2 carries for 59 yards before Shaun Draughn vultured him from 4 yards out to take an early 14-0 lead.

Besides a field goal from both sides, the rest of the first half was relatively dull, with the exception being this beautiful one handed diving catch by Quincy Enunwa in traffic:

Quincy only had 3 receptions for 29 yards, but he continues to impress me every week with his playmaking ability.

Todd Bowles must’ve lit a fire under the Jets at halftime, because they came out swinging. After forcing a three and out to start the half, Petty led a 13 play, 64 yard drive that lasted nearly 8 minutes to get a field goal. Here’s how that drive began:

Powell run for 6.

Powell run for 3.

Powell run for 4.

Powell run for 16.

Powell run for 3.

See the theme? Good things happen when the Jets get Bilal Powell involved early and often. Speaking of good things:

Robby Anderson (6-99-0 receiving, 2-12-0 rushing) had himself another huge day. He has become one of the Jets’ top weapons and seems to get better every single game. Not only does he have blazing speed, I think that he is going to have a nice career due to his uncanny ability to high point balls in traffic. Despite his lanky frame, Anderson doesn’t shy away from contact, he absorbs it. He makes spectacular plays on the ball that are practically unteachable.

Despite the good field position after the 40-yard connection, a sack (more on that later) and a penalty on the Jets caused them to settle for another field goal.

The Powell show continued later as Bilal ripped, dipped, and slipped into the end zone to cut the 49ers lead to 5.


Not to be outdone, Bryce Petty rumbled, bumbled, and stumbled into the end zone to hit the 2 point conversion.


Helicoptering into the end zone like that as the new QB on the block takes some guts, and you could tell that veterans and youngsters alike got amped up by that play. In a down year with the team drastically underperforming, it was reassuring to see that the Jets still cared out there.

With momentum heavily in the Jets favor, they forced yet another punt and Bryce Petty had the ball in his hands down a score with 2 1/2 minutes left in the game. He led the charge down the field to allow Nick Folk to kick a 50-yarder to knot things up at 17. I’m just saying, Bryce Petty was able to do something that Ryan Fitzpatrick had not done all year. Petty came into the 4th quarter down 17-6 in his first career road start and had things tied up at the end of it. Fitzpatrick proved time and time again this season that he lacked to confidence/competence to be a competitor in those moments. To add another level of stress to Petty, this game went into overtime.

The Jets were the beneficiaries of a questionable Chip Kelly call (shocker) on the 49ers first possession in overtime. Facing a 4th and 2 from the Jets’ 37, Kelly elected to go for it instead of 1, attempting a 54-yard field goal, or 2, punting to back the Jets deep in their own territory. Muhammad Wilkerson and Deon Simon sniffed out the San Francisco play call and stopped Carlos Hyde dead in his tracks.

Bryce Petty now had the ball in his hands for a potential game-winning drive. After two successful Bilal Powell runs, Petty avoided pressure in the pocket and rolled out to his left. At the last second, he pulled up and threw across his body to hit Robby Anderson for a 26-yard gain. It was a gutsy, and potentially foolish play by him, but it worked in his favor this time. Four plays later, pay dirt:

Bilal Powell found the hole and ran 19 yards for a New York Jets victory. He ended the day with 179 yards from scrimmage and 2 touchdowns. Which leads everybody to ask:

Well, hopefully the Jets learned their lesson and will continue to give Powell the pill 20+ times every game from here on out.

New York Jets 23 @ San Francisco 49ers 17


Next week, the Jets take on the Miami Dolphins at home on SATURDAY night. Saturday! That means you have to stay tuned for a special edition of Sunday Morning Quarterback next week. Anyways, this nationally televised game will now feature Bryce Petty vs. Matt Moore, as Dolphins QB1 Ryan Tannehill suffered an ACL injury on Sunday and will miss the remainder of the season.

Miami is 8-5 and knocking on the door of the playoffs, but it will be hard for them to be successful without Tannehill. I’m sure that he Miami coaches will be scouring the 49ers game tape to see how they can get RB Jay Ajayi to mirror the performance that Carlos Hyde just had. It’s tough to give a prediction for this game, but since the Dolphins have to win, and it would be in the Jets’ best interest to lose, I’ll take the Jets 17-10.


Now onto the awards:

Bilal Powell (29-145-2 rushing, 5-34-0 receiving)

It’s the San Francisco Wine Mixer! Powell! Powell! With Matt Forte suffering a knee injury early in this game, it was up to Bilal Powell to take over a heavy workload with the inexperienced Bryce Petty playing as QB. Powell did not disappoint. His 179 total yards was the most for a Jets RB on the road since Hall of Famer Curtis Martin in 2004. That’s a damn good name to be next to on any statistic. Hopefully the Jets incorporate Bilal more and more in these next 3 weeks, and next 3+ years as well.

Also, sorry I made you wait this long to finally get this link:

Honorary GOATs:

The Future


Bryce Petty led the team from a 17-3 deficit to win in overtime. Bilal Powell had 179 yards from scrimmage. Quincy Enunwa made one-handed catches. Robby Anderson had 6 receptions for 99 yards. Leonard Williams, Jordan Jenkins, and Marcus Williams recorded sacks. Nick Marshall handled kick and punt returns soundly. Center Wes Johnson stood in for Nick Mangold and didn’t allow one pressure on 47 pass blocks. Rookie CB Juston Burris allowed only 3 receptions for 9 yards on 27 pass coverages. Besides Powell, none of those guys mentioned are older than 25 years old. For a team that was somewhat unexpectedly thrown into rebuild mode, they did a damn good job of not only getting the young guys in the game, but making them effective assets on the field.


Offensive Line & Bryce Petty’s pocket awareness

Bryce Petty was sacked 6 times for a loss of 41 yards. The blame is probably 50/50 on the line and on Petty. 49ers rookie DE DeForest Buckner was a beast on Sunday, sacking Petty twice while hitting him another two times. If Bryce Petty is your newest, most valuable asset to the team, the offensive line has to do a lot better job keeping his uniform clean. I don’t care if that means taking a couple holding penalties, the last thing this team needs is for Bryce Petty to get hurt and have either Ryan Fitzpatrick or an unprepared Christian Hackenberg to have to enter the game. As for Petty, he definitely stood in the pocket too long on some plays and tried to extend plays with his legs that didn’t need extension. It was good to see him try to make plays by keeping his eyes downfield, but he needs to develop a pocket prescence and he needs to know that he can just throw the ball away sometimes. Nobody is expecting an MVP performance from him during these last few weeks, so a couple dump off passes or balls out of play would be more than fine, instead of consistently taking some nasty hits.

Dishonorable WOATs:

Run Defense

I’m old enough to remember when the Jets run defense allowed less than 100 yards per game. The lowly San Francisco 49ers managed to run for 248 yards on Sunday. Carlos Hyde had only ran for 100+ yards in a game twice in his career before nearly hitting the 200 mark yesterday. The Jets D-Line has wildly underperformed this year, but even this is a new low for them. The road doesn’t get any easier for them either, as Jay Ajayi, LeGarrette Blount, and LeSean McCoy are coming up next.



This mess is almost over folks. Until next time, join the cause and help #MakeTheJetsGreatAgain #PowellEnunwa2020:


NFL Week 14 Picks

Ladies and gentlemen, I am BACK. Look good, feel good, bet good. Last week I gave 6 picks and went 4-2, bringing my record to 21-12-3 on the year. If you haven’t hopped on yet, there’s still plenty of room on the gravy train.

To review my Week 13 picks:

Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.5) LOSS 

Houston Texans @ Green Bay Packers (-6.5) WIN

Los Angeles Rams @ New England Patriots (-13.5) WIN

New York Giants (+6.5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers LOSS  

Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks (-7) WIN

Indianapolis Colts (-1.5) @ New York Jets WIN

Here’s what I learned last week:

  1. Don’t ever bet on Blake Bortles again.
  2. You live by the Eli, you die by the Eli.
  3. Not gonna brag, but I did suspect some funny business last Thursday night with Cam Newton. Whether or not his appearance at the Warriors game played a role in ‘Tie-Gate’ hasn’t been confirmed, it also hasn’t been denied.screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-9-52-54-pm
  4. Jets = bad.


Anyways, let’s get into Week 14:

Washington Redskins (-2) @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Redskins and the Eagles are going in opposite directions. The Eagles sprinted out of the gates to win 3 games in a row with rookie QB Carson Wentz, but have faltered ever since. Jordan Matthews hasn’t progressed the way they had expected, Nelson Agholor has been a bum, and DGB disappears for extended periods of time. The Redskins, on the other hand, have been piping hot. QB Kirk Cousins is 3rd in the NFL in passing yards, and he has been without star TE Jordan Reed for multiple weeks this season. He is expected to play this week, which only makes Cousins more of a threat. Captain Kirk has been slinging the rock, and in this ‘revenge game’ for DeSean Jackson, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Redskins put up 35+ points and coast to an easy victory.

Minnesota Vikings (-3) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

As promised, I’m not betting on Blake Bortles ever again. Bortles just has not been playing good football, and the Vikings secondary may eat him alive this week. The Vikings will be without star Safety Harrison Smith, but the Jaguars will be without TE Julius Thomas, WR Allen Hurns, RB Denard Robinson, and even RB Chris Ivory is still ruled as questionable. I cannot and will not bet on the Jaguars until they prove to me that they can put together 4 quarters of football. Vikings by a hundred thousand trillion.

Cincinnati Bengals (-5.5) @ Cleveland Browns

This reminds me of Week 9 when the Dallas Cowboys were only 7.5 point favorites in Cleveland. I stressed all week, wondering what the oddsmakers knew that I didn’t, but I ended up sticking with my gut and picking Dem Boyz. Dallas pulled off a 35-10 victory. I feel the same way this week. AJ Green isn’t expected to return yet, but Bengals QB Andy Dalton still has weapons in Tyler Eifert, Tyler Boyd, and Brandon Lafell that will take advantage of a JV Brown’s defense. When these two teams squared off in Week 7, Bengals RB Jeremy Hill had 9 carries for 168 yards and a TD. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled off similar numbers this week.

Denver Broncos (+1.5) @ Tennessee Titans

Never in a million years would I imagine the Denver Broncos being underdogs against the Tennessee Titans. I think this is too good to be true. Maybe I’d understand this spread if Paxton Lynch was starting for Denver, but Trevor Siemian is expected to return at QB this week. While he hasn’t been spectacular, he has been the obvious #1 guy on the team and puts the Broncos in the best position to win week after week. The Titans have been very susceptible in the passing game, so I expect Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas to have big games on Sunday. Despite some phenomenal play from Tennessee’s QB Marcus Mariota and RB DeMarco Murray, I don’t think that their run game will fare well against Denver’s defensive front of Von Miller, Derek Wolfe, DeMarcus Ware, and Shane Ray. The Broncos also boast two of the best CBs in the game in Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr. I can see this experienced defense forcing Marcus Mariota into making some sophomoric mistakes this week for sure.

** Emergency Pick **

Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers (+3)

I was staying away from this game, citing both team’s inconsistent play, until I saw this tweet:

They’re calling the snow up in Green Bay “Winter Storm Aaron.” While this should mean nothing to me, I love this storm and now I like the Packers as home dogs. Take that as you will.

Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) @ New York Giants

I think that the New York Giants are one of the biggest pretenders in the NFL. I fell in love with their 6 game win streak last week, but I didn’t put into perspective that they beat the Ravens, Rams, Eagles, Bengals, Bears, and Browns during that span. Three of those teams (Rams, Bears, and Browns) are nowhere near the playoff hunt, the Eagles are a mess, the Bengals are all banged up, and the Ravens are as big as pretenders as the Giants are. That all being said, the New York Giants are still 8-4 and pose as a serious threat to the Dallas Cowboys. However, the Week 1 matchup between these two teams is a distant memory, as both teams have changed drastically. The Giants won their previous matchup 20-19 with a late Victor Cruz touchdown and later, a Terrance Williams brainfart.


However, I think times have changed for both teams. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are no longer doe-eyed rookies in their first career games, and are now both in the discussion for MVP. Meanwhile, the Giants were just embarrassed by the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game that TE Ladarius Green and RB Le’Veon Bell ran free. Giants star DE Jason Pierre-Paul also suffered a sports hernia, sidelining him for up to 6 weeks, and S Landon Collins showed signs of his rookie year self. This could end up being the second consecutive embarrassing game for the New York football Giants.


That’s all for this week. If you didn’t notice, I took 6 teams on the road. Call me Dominic Toretto and/or Brian O’Conner because I’m gonna be pulling a safe full of money through these streets.





Heisman Winners Lamar Jackson and Johnny Manziel Take on Manhattan

I’m sure the media isn’t going to blow this one out of proportion. As we all know, Saturday night was the Heisman Trophy ceremony and Louisville QB Lamar Jackson won in a landslide. As is tradition, as many former Heisman winners as possible took the stage to welcome the new winner into the brotherhood. One of those men on stage was former Texas A&M and Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel (👍).


After Lamar Jackson was announced as this year’s winner, he dapped up the entire line of former winners, but he had the longest embrace with Manziel:

Naturally, social media was buzzing with speculation as to what he could have said there, and honestly, who knows. It could’ve been a simple congratulations from the first guy Lamar talked to, it could’ve been, “come up to room 715 later I got you,” or it could’ve been a warning about playing for the Cleveland Browns:


Whatever the message was, the duo was spotted together later in a hotel room thanks to Manziel’s Instagram account.

Only big tings for this kid 🔥

A post shared by Johnny Manziel (@jmanziel2) on

Yuhhh dat wayy @new_era8 #HEISMAN

A post shared by Johnny Manziel (@jmanziel2) on

Once again, people were starting to freak out over this pairing in the city that never sleeps. I am here to debunk any crazy conspiracies that people are going to throw out there. First, lets address the picture.


These look like two guys that got out of their fancy suits and are kicking back in sweats and a beater. If you look behind Lamar Jackson, he has an orange Gatorade and chicken on his nightstand. No, not orange Ciroc, orange Gatorade. My guy (who was wearing an $89.99 suit) probably just got some free room service from Money Manziel. Second, Lamar holding his phone charger instead of actively having his phone being charged leads me to believe that he is in no hurry to juice up and hit the town.

Lamar Jackson is also only 19 years old. Sure, there are grungy little spots in NYC that toddlers could drink at if they wanted to, but Johnny Manziel has spent $35,000 the past week in Los Angeles celebrating his 24th birthday at lavish clubs. I doubt Johnny has gone to a low key bar since he was in high school. Here he is slugging Fireball at 8 AM the other day:

Since Manziel loves the spotlight/publicizing what he’s doing, and Lamar Jackson is one of the most famous teenagers in the country, I don’t think they’d be able to stir up any trouble without a thousand cameras in their faces. Jahlil Okafor tried going out to bars when he was a rookie with a fake ID  and faced national criticism for weeks. No way no how are these two up to any tomfoolery.

Another reason why these two are probably hanging out is the fact that they are the closest in age by a longshot amongst the other Heisman winners. Jackson turns 20 in January, Manziel just turned 24, and then Tim Tebow (boooooring) is the next closest in age at 29. So, when it comes down to it, Lamar probably had a lot more interest in spending some time listening to Johnny Manziel tell his crazy stories instead of shaking hands with 40+ year old men and/or the 4 other Heisman candidates that had just lost to him hours before. Manziel was in Lamar Jackson’s exact situation not too long ago, as well. He won the Heisman as a freshman at Texas A&M, yet he was ineligible for the NFL Draft and had to return for his sophomore season. Despite the mantra that Johnny Manziel is a mess off the field and is all but blacklisted by the NFL, I bet he has some sound advice for a young guy who is about to go through what he did only 3 years ago.

So there it is. I Sherlock Holmes’d the situation and deescalated it tenfold. It’s merely a couple of Heisman winners being dudes. I just hope no crazy videos surface of these two so I don’t look like a fool. Until then, keep stiff-arming the haters and nonbelievers Johnny.


P.S. People forget that Johnny Manziel was the last Cleveland Browns QB to win a game. #MakeManzielGreatAgain


Update: Johnny Football is out and about but no sign of Lamar in the building. Case closed.

Updated Update: Lamar Jackson was chirping back at Instagram commenters around 3:30 AM on Manziel’s pics. “Naw fat man.”


Tuesday Morning Quarterback: What The Luck?

I’m going to keep this short and simple, as I am in the midst of finals week and quite honestly, there isn’t much left to say.

Reagan/Bush 1984, the Red Wedding, the incident on King Street, and the Indianapolis Colts on Monday, December 5th, 2016. Just a few massacres forever etched into history.

I knew the Jets were in trouble when they walked in early on Monday. Tickets were going for less than 10% of their face value. The fact of the matter is that Jets fans are not interested with the team’s on field product and would rather watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on their couches.

Despite being a borderline incompetent team this year, the Jets continue to trot out old and washed up guys on the field. The Jets have drafted QBs in consecutive years yet insist on starting a 34-year old who is only signed for this season. With New York fans SCREAMING for a change in scenery and begging for the young guys to get some licks, the Jets have been flat out refusing.

As for the “game”, the Jets decided to come out in a Mannequin Challenge style defense which allowed TE Dwayne Allen to score a hat trick in the first half. His first two touchdowns, there wasn’t even a defender in the picture.

This was #1:

This was #2:

Aaaand #3, which actually was covered pretty well by Jets rookie Darron Lee:

I do have some good news, however. Allen’s big first half caused a resurgence of his old Vine’s all over the internet. Here’s my personal favorite:


After Allen’s 3 TDs and TY Hilton making Revis Island look like a 5 star resort, Ryan Fitzpatrick took the ball down 24-3 in the 2 minute drill to end the first half. In true Fitztragic fashion, he threw the ball directly into Colts DB Darius Butler’s chest.


Enter: Our Lord and Savior, Bryce Petty. After an ok showing two weeks ago vs. the Los Angeles Rams, Bryce Petty was back out there as QB1. Unlike his last performance, the Jets allowed him to do what he did at Baylor; sling the rock. Unluckily for him, his chemistry with speedy rookie WR Robby Anderson isn’t quite there, and they just missed connecting on a couple deep balls during their first couple of series together (a big Anderson drop didn’t help either).

Petty’s second possession saw him overthrow Anderson again, right into Colts Safety Mike Adams’ arms. I’ll tell you what though, compared to a Ryan Fitzpatrick interception, this one was a beauty. That’s where this season is, ranking interceptions from ‘very bad’ to ‘eh, not too bad.’ It was obvious that the Jets were allowing Petty to play the way he’s played his entire life by throwing the ball deep, deeper, and deepest. He finally hit Robby Anderson on his third possession, which was an 11 play, 75 yard drive:

That was Anderson’s first career touchdown, and Petty’s 2nd career passing touchdown. Hopefully these two will keep it up for the last 4 weeks of the season.

Final Score: Indianapolis Colts 41 @ New York Jets 10

The silver lining from this abomination of a game is that it seems that the Jets have finally green lighted the youth movement.

Realistically, this should’ve been the case since after the Chiefs game, but it’s too late for hindsight. The Jets need to continue to look forward to playing their young guys and assessing the team in the offseason. 2016 is over, but there are enough building blocks on this team to be competitive next year with what should be an easier schedule. The Jets also announced on Tuesday afternoon that they have waived RB CJ Spiller and WR/KR Jeremy Ross. Neither of them panned out to be any help whatsoever, so it was a smart decision to let those guys walk and allow younger players such as Bilal Powell, Charone Peake, and Jalin Marshall the opportunity to take their snaps.

The Jets need to have an ‘everything must go’ sale this offseason. Revis, Wilkerson, Fitzpatrick, Clady, Mangold, Marshall, Forte. I think anybody 30 or older is expendable on this team. Darrelle Revis is an ole sack of bones out there. Muhammad Wilkerson is reportedly causing locker room issues and has Leonard Williams biting at his heels. Ryan Fitzpatrick…..get out. Ryan Clady, good job, good effort. Nick Mangold, as good and reliable as he has been, the injuries are starting to pile up, and he is nearly 33 years old. He’s a face of the franchise, so obviously it would be tough to see him go, but it’s time to think about the future. Wes Johnson didn’t look half bad when he was filling in for Mangold. Brandon Marshall is another guy that could/should be traded away. He’s the oldest receiver on the team, and makes more money than Eric Decker. With Quincy Enunwa’s emergence and the possible emergence of Robby Anderson, Marshall has now become an expendable asset. He could be an immediate help to a team on the brink of a championship run, and Marshall could finally find himself on a playoff team. And finally, if the Jets fulfill my wishes and draft Leonard Fournette, there is no need for Matt Forte to be on the roster, despite him being one of the better offensive players this season.


ANyways, on to the awards.



The fans on the field

The loudest cheer of the night at Metlife Stadium went for the two shirtless fans that ran onto the field in the 3rd quarter.

American hero Kevin Harlan did it again:

Honorable GOAT:

The Future

With Bryce Petty slated to start the rest of the season, all signs are pointing towards the younger guys getting a chance to showcase their abilities. The Jets cutting two veteran bums in Spiller and Ross will also open the door for younger guys to get more snaps. Hopefully the Jets can get 2015 2nd round pick WR Devin Smith out on the field this season as well. On defense, I think the Jets will give Darrelle Revis less and less snaps to allow CBs Darryl Roberts and Justin Burris more opportunities. Safety Rontez Miles will have more playing time as well, with starter Calvin Pryor still nursing a concussion.


Jets fan’s sanity

The Jets are driving their fans crazy. My man George R. R. Martin is looking around for the meaning of life now. The man who murders your favorite characters from your favorite TV show with no remorse is saying that life is meaningless after watching the Jets play.

Damien Woody had to hire Trey Wingo as an emergency shrink on ESPN just to get through the day!


We have no QB, no secondary, no sanity, our pets heads are falling off. Strap in, Jets fans, these last four weeks are going to be a bumpy ride.


P.S. Don’t tell the other teams but a certain RB from LSU announced that he will be declaring for the 2017 NFL draft 👀👀👀.

NFL Week 13 Picks

Alright alright alright. I’ll be honest, my last picks fucking sucked. I spent the past three weeks begging for money on the corner to get enough funds to pay for this week. But, call me Will Smith from ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ because we’re going rags to riches. Despite a tough .500 week, I’m still 17-10-3 on the year.

To recap my worst week (Week 10) of all time:

Los Angeles Rams @ New York Jets Under 40 WIN

Houston Texans (+2.5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars WIN

Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers (-4) LOSS

Seattle Seahawks @ New England Patriots (-7.5) LOSS


I learned a lot from my losses in Week 1o, and I will not lose in Week 13. Here we go:

Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.5)

I’m starting off crazy. The Denver Broncos are coming off of a dramatic Sunday Night Football loss in which Chiefs’ kicker Cairo Santos clunked a field goal off the left goalpost and behind the right one to win in Overtime. In that game, Broncos QB Trevor Siemian got banged up and is now ruled out for this game. Enter rookie QB Paxton Lynch out of Memphis. This will be his first career start on the road and he will be going up against fellow first rounder CB Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey has shown signs of brilliance but he will be tested against veteran WRs Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. However, a rookie QB on the road is never reliable, and I think Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, and TJ Yeldon pull out a big upset in Jacksonville.

Houston Texans @ Green Bay Packers (-6.5)

After 4 straight losses, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers finally pulled off a big victory on Monday Night Football at the Philadelphia Eagles. Aaron Rodgers has a real life version of the closet that leads people into Narnia and has been his Hall of Fame self ever since:


With the emergence of 2nd year receiver Davante Adams, the Packers have been nearly unstoppable with Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and TE Jared Cook being great compliments.  As newly acquired RB Christine Michael gets accustomed to the Green Bay offense, the team will finally become multi-dimensional and could pose a serious threat in the NFC North. This could be their big breakout game against a Houston Tecans defense that allowed the Oakland Raiders to run all over them in the ‘Frozen Margarita Tundra’ aka Mexico City.


New York Giants (+6.5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Despite a sketchy victory in Cleveland last week, the New York Giants have won 6 games in a row. Safety Landon Collins is a frontrunner for Defensive Player of the Year, Jason Pierre-Paul has been exploding off the line (sorry), and Odell Beckham is a man possessed. However, Big Ben Roethlisberger is an animal at home. As is WR Antonio Brown and RB Le’veon Bell. I don’t necessarily love the Giants in this spot, however. I just think that the game will result in less than a touchdown difference. While both offenses are good, the defenses that the Giants and Steelers have will create matchup nightmares and this game will probably end up lower scoring than most people predict. I could definitely see this game ending up in the 27-24 range as the final score.

Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks (-7)

I think that this will be a big bounce back game for the Seattle Seahawks at home. After a shocking 14-5 loss at Tampa Bay last week, I think that Russell Wilson and company (Jimmy Graham) will take it to the vulnerable Panthers secondary. With CB Josh Norman on the Redskins and LB Luke Keuchly out with a concussion, the Panthers are extremely susceptible to the passing game and Russell Wilson has the capability to make this a very long day for them. The Seahawks are 5-0 at home while Carolina is 1-4 on the road. Also, not a big deal but it may be a big deal, Cam was spotted halfway down the coast at the Houston Rockets-Golden State Warriors game on Thursday night. I’m not going to knock a guy for having a good time, but if you’re a Panthers fan, is this what you want your star QB to be doing 3 nights before a game while the team (reigning NFC Champion team, that is) is last in their division?

Indianapolis Colts (-1.5) @ New York Jets

I’m adding this to my slate on Saturday morning after I saw that Colts QB Andrew Luck is now out of concussion protocol and off of the injury report. I wouldn’t be surprised if the spread goes to 2.5 or even 3.5 as people start hammering the Colts. With a healthy Andrew Luck, the Indianapolis Colts become a nightmare to handle. Star WR TY Hilton is still battling a back issue, but all signs point towards him playing on Monday night as much as possible. However, the Jets have actually been alright against opposing teams’ #1 guy this season. It’s been the #2 and #3 guys that have killed the Jets (Sammie Coates, Malcolm Mitchell to name a couple), and the Colts have 2 of the best complimentary receivers in Donte Moncrief and Phillip Dorsett. Moncrief’s production with Luck on the field is unbelievable:

In addition, Jets S Calvin Pryor has been ruled out with a concussion. The Jets will suffer from that in the deep pass game as well as in TE coverage. If the Colts get the ball in the red zone, Dwayne Allen and Jack Doyle could make some pretty easy plays.

The Colts defense is nothing to write home about, either. They’ve given up 24 points or more in every single game this season. They give up 116 yards on the ground on average and another 290 through the air. Fortunately for them, they will be up against Ryan Fitzpatrick, who needed brilliant plays from WRs Quincy Enunwa and Brandon Marshall to get on the board last week against a banged up New England Patriots team. The Colts are one game behind in their division and I think they win by a touchdown at least.


**Emergency Pick**

Los Angeles Rams @ New England Patriots (-13.5)

I got last minute tickets to this game up in Massachusetts, so obviously I’m going to want some action on the game. Rams QB Jared Goff is going for career win #1, while Patriots QB Tom Brady is going for win #201, to break the all time wins record for a quarterback. Not only is Tom Brady going to try to break the record at home, the New England Patriots are honoring their 2001 Super Bowl Championship team at halftime. That means that Drew Bledsoe, Lawyer Milloy, Tedy Bruschi, Troy Brown, and others will be in attendance. Bill Belichick gave the Rams a backhanded compliment earlier this week when he gave the highest of praise to Rams’ Punter Johnny Hekker:

Despite what will likely be a strong showing from America’s Punter, I think the Patriots win soundly and Tom Brady becomes the winningest Quarterback of all time.



Take these picks and this will be you next week:


Au revoir.